Cyber Frogs is a collection of NFT’s which represents the most dynamic and prolific development services on Solana. We are a community and a culture.

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There are two sides to us–our culture and our business.

We were born from degens but are built on business.

Cyber Frogs is a rabid community of doers and degens in the Solana space. Though we were originally born from a rug, throughout our resurrection, we’ve adopted the mentality of taking no shit and giving no fucks attitude. Our community is comprised of people with the same mentality who have learned to expect more, demand better, and help other communities along the way.

Where We Started

The original Cyber Frog team originally minted the collection on September 19th, 2021. After a failed mint, the OG team reminted and sold out the collection mid-October. Over the course of three months, they steadily drained the community funds and then created one of Solana’s most notorious slow rugs. After that point, a forced community takeover was initiated by our CEO, Andy and the next era of Cyber Frogs was born.

Under Andy’s leadership, we formed a community-based team comprised of some of the most skilled and talented underground builders of the space. Cyber Frogs built an official partnership with Million Sols Founder, Sile, which led to the next era of success for the Cyber Frogs project.

The team formed an alliance with key community members, BoomSally, Charge and Swat, who were instrumental members who worked tirelelssly to maintain and rebuild a healthy community. The team was joined by Partnership and Outreach Specialist, Mazz, who was able to revitalize the network for Cyber Frogs and drive collaborative partnerships into the future.

Unbeatable Track Record

We have formulated a traditional business infrastructure focusing on Sales as a Service and development support for Solana projects across the ecosystem.

The Cyber Frogs now represents a development service company capable of delivering turn-key solutions in addition to custom coding with a track record of trustworthiness and respectability. The Cyber Frogs pride ourselves on the caliber of code which we preset, which we are confident goes unsurpassed.

The Frogs have worked with an extensive network of Solana-based projects to provide top-notch developments services and maintain the highest-level of customer satisfaction. Our non-escrow marketplace currently hosts over 30+ projects, the Frog Machine is currently implemented by 6+ projects growing weekly, and we have maintained the highest-level of customer satisfaction throughout our growing expansion.

The Cyber Frogs Team is continuing to push the envelope and by developing additional offerings which will continue to push the paradigm forward.

Frog Machine

Together, the team has created and developed an extensive list of developed services and support infrastructure for the Solana ecosystem. Our list of services range from metadata modifiers, NFT customization software, marketplaces, raffle houses, rarity tools, and everything in between.

The flagship development service of the Frogs is our Frog Machine. The frog machine was developed by Sile and to date, is one of the most powerful tools on the Solana blockchain. The Frog Machine is a metadata modifier, a PFP customizer, a rarity augmenter, with an option to be deflationary. The Frog Machine is capable of executing a multitude of different functions. Collections are able to add and modify existing or new attributes to their collection, add or update yield modifiers for staking multipliers, and create a fun user-experience while creating user’s ideal PFP for your collection.

For a complete list of our services, check out Our Offerings.

Holder Utility

Our holders benefit from our development services firsthand. We offer the expansive development services to our Frog holders first, and have promised to never charge anything outside of our utility token to engage with these services. Our Cyber Frog Holders are able to stake their frogs for $FLYZ, and with $FLYZ it gives them access to our expansive ecosystem.

The team has maintained its dedication to providing all the additional utility via metaverse integration, development accessibility, all for free

Our collection offers merch, custom attributes, raffles, auctions, and other methods of rewarding our holders.

The only price of admission? Owning a Cyber Frog.


CEO & Chief Visionary


CTO & Lead Developer


Asst Community Manager


Head Moderator & Vibes Manager


Partnership Outreach & Collaborations Manager


Marketing Manager


Lead Admin




Roadmap V2 launching soon

We’ve already fulfilled most of our plans after we derugged.

Frog Machine

We are the originators of the Frog Machine. It is one of the most powerful tools on the Solana blockchain with a wide range and functionality.


PFP Customizer - Deflationary adjuster that allows Solana NFT projects to merge two NFT’s together to modify the rarity and customize your PFP. One token is burnt in the process, and one is modified.

Metadata Modifier - Once you use the Frog Machine, a customize PFP is created, otherwise known as an alpha token. There is a metadata attribute attached to having an alpha token, in which there is a yield modifier while staking.

Staking Emissions Modifier - Your alpha token generates 2.15x emissions while staking on our Frog Staking platform.

Ranking Updater - Our rarity modifier tool automatically adjusts the rarity and ranking of your collection after a token is burnt. The ranking of your collection gets updated through the usage of the frog machine.

Learn more by watching How to Use The Frog Machine

Non-Custodial Non-Escrow Staking Platform


• Our premiere non-escrow staking service allows NFT’s to stake and earn emissions while allowing users to own an NFT in their wallet. This tool is instrumental for metaverse integration and allows players to play in the metaverse while earning staking emissions.
• We believe in non-escrow because it allows holders to maximize utility while the NFT’s stay in their wallet.
• Additionally, your emission coin is created using this service.

Learn more by watching How to Stake on the Cyber Frogs Platform

Auction House


Our auction house is a place for you to auction 1/1’s or auction individual attributes within the frog machine.

Learn more at Cyber Frog Auction House

Raffle System

A premiere raffling system that we offer as a white label service.


An easy to use marketplace for you as a collection to use, or that allows your community list items in exchange for your utility token.

Rarity Tools

Rarity Tools

Project listing, rarity calculation, search by traits, order by rank or price, direct-linking marketplaces, floor prices, charts and history. See examples: MillionSols DAO, Cyber Frogs.

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